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MMA Technique With Muhsin Corbbrey – Flying Knee Bar/Heel Hook


Check out one of my favorite high flying attacks.  If you like it share it!


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Champions Training Centers Wesley Barnes Wins Big In His TV Debut

wes win

Champions Training Center has put fighters in almost every major MMA show on the planet. CTC fighters have fought in the UFC, Bellator, WEC, EliteXC and now Legacy FC. Champions Training Center OG Wesley Barnes wins big in his television debut defeating a tough fighter from American Top Team.

Wesley Utilized dominant wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to easily control his much bigger opponent. Wesley secured quick takedowns in all three rounds securing dominant positions and landing strong ground and pound consistently throughout the fight earning the unanimous decision victory. This win established Wes as one of the top welterweight prospects in the South East.

wes staredown

 wes slam wes pass





wes jab

Wes LI


Wesley Trains out of Champions Training Center in Savannah, GA. To learn more about CTC’s 30 day FREE trial CLICK HERE.

I’ll toss you on your head bro! Judo for MMA

This week I’m showing one of my favorite techniques.  O-Guruma is a great technique to use on the cage.  Check it out and tell me what you think.

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Tam Brings The Combat Night Title Back To Champions Training Center

Tam Vo dominates his fight this weekend en route to a unanimous decision win. Tam controlled the action standing and on the ground demonstrating his Manu Ntoh Muay Thai and Lloyd Irvin BJJ lineages. Great Job and congratulations. If you would like to learn more about training with the best martial arts gym in the Low Country check out our websites at, and

Technique of the Week – Counter Right Hand

This is one of my absolute favorite techniques!  I’ve used this technique at the highest level of MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai.  Check it out.


Check out highlights from Coach Muhsin’s last fight against a tough Ultimate Fighter Vet


Check out highlights from Muhsin Corbbrey’s last fight against Ultimate Fighter Veteran Ran Weathers.  Ran holds a KO victory over Ultimate Fighter winner Diego Brandao and Muhsin was able to dominate and finish him in the 2nd round.  This is Coach Muhsin’s 3rd consecutive finish and brings his MMA record to 17-8 and his overall professional record to 36-12-2(MMA,Boxing,Muay Thai).  With 3 consecutive finishes and a win in the world’s top kickboxing org., Glory, Muhsin hopes to work his way into the UFC featherweight mix.

Do You Want Weekly Muay Thai and Kickboxing Instruction for FREE?

Go to and check out the “Technique of the Week” section for FREE Muay Thai and Kickboxing technique from Muhsin Corbbrey!  Muhsin recently won a bout in the mecca of kickboxing, Glory World Series and is looking to continue with upcoming Muay Thai and MMA fights scheduled for February and March.  Muhsin will be posting weekly kickboxing and Muay Thai video instructionals at  Come check it out!!!

Muhsin glory win

Interview And Training Highlight Of Muhsin From His Latest Trip To Thailand




Muhsin glory win

I recently made another trip to the Land of Smiles to prepare for my recent Kickboxing fight with Glory World Series.  This is a great video put together by my family at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand.



For the absolute best in Muay Thai and K-1 style Kickboxing look no further than Champions Training Center. Click here to receive 30 days FREE.

Boxing For MMA…… The Missing Link

The sport of MMA has grown by leaps and bounds and when it comes to preparation it is probably the most difficult of all sports.  A fighter must be proficient in striking, wrestling and Jiu Jitsu to be successful at the highest level.  If you are weak in any one level it will be exposed when you make it to the big leagues.

Of course Wrestling and BJJ are important but we are going to talk about striking today, particularly Boxing.  In my opinion, boxing is the most neglected part of today’s MMA training.  When I say boxing I’m not talking about jab, cross, hook, uppercut.  I am talking about the key details that make Boxing the sweet science. The angles, footwork, distance control and defensive maneuvers that are not found in any other art are what make boxing great.  So why are these things neglected in MMA.  Hell, even fighters in my gym neglect training with the amazing boxing coaches that we have on staff. Why?

Let’s look at all of the current UFC champions and see what they are doing to improve their Boxing.  Bantamweight Champ Dominic Cruz trains with Eric Del Fiero to keep his hands and his angles sharp.  Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo has worked with the amazing Barry Robinson in Holland.  Barry, owner of a million styles boxing, has worked with all of the top Dutch Muay Thai Fighters. Lightweight Champ Ben Henderson works his hands with George Garcia. Welterweight Champion George St Pierre and Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva added Boxing Hall of Famer Freddy Roach to their training teams to learn the sweet science.  Silva has even fought a few pro boxing matches and considered leaving MMA for boxing at one time.  Light heavyweight Champ Jon Jones works with Coach Mike Winkeljohn to tighten up his boxing and footwork. UFC Heavyweight Champ Cain Valasquez works with Roberto Garcia and Javier Mendez on his boxing.

If the absolute best MMA fighters in the world used Western Boxing to be the become champions why do so many fighters neglect learning the art of boxing? How can they think it is not applicable in MMA when the best fighters in the world have hired boxing coaches? Even after losing to superior boxers many fighters never work on their weakness.  Many wont even admit they have a deficiency.

So, what makes boxing so important for MMA?  First, angles, controlling distance and fighting in a circle.  These techniques are very important when defending a takedown.  Fighting forward is a sure way to be timed by a wrestler looking to take you down.  Stepping off line and controlling distance gives you a little more control over the takedown.  Further, using the H-defense as your main defense is a sure way to get KO’d in 4oz gloves.  Understanding head movement and punch defense is a must in MMA.

I’ve been blessed to do seminars all over the world covering boxing for MMA and it always amazes me how many veteran fighters don’t understand these basic concepts of boxing.  Why are people attempting to recreate the wheel when the current champions have created a blueprint for success? Boxing is an essential part of becoming a successful MMA fighter.  Either learn it or get beat by it.  It’s up to you.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some vids on the basics of footwork, head movement and controlling distance.  If you’re not currently working with a legit boxing coach and you have aspirations of being an MMA fighter you may want to rethink your training regimen.   If you can’t punch in combination, control distance and angles and fight in a circle, you are going to be lost against a person that can.


Muhsin Corbbrey

Champions Training Center  Savannah, GA

Jose Aldo working with Barry Robinson


George St Pierre working with Freddie Roach


Anderson Silva working with Freddie Roach

MMA Technique With Special Guest UFC Vet Din Thomas

Friend and long time training partner Din Thomas was kind enough to share some knowledge with  Din is a UFC Vet, BJJ black belt  and one of the most technical fighters in the game.  To learn more about MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing  and more go to


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